International Day of Forests

International Day of Forests

Next 21st of March is commemorated the International Day of Forests.

We would like to emphasize that the figures of the deforestation of the forests in the world during last years are really worrying, approximately the equivalent to the surface of a soccer field is felled in the world every two seconds. So, the deforestation advances to a pace of 17 millions of hectares per year – the equivalent to an extension that overcomes than England, Wales and Northern Ireland together.

In Chatarras Hernández, we want to demosntrate our worry in front of this trouble, due to the indisputable importance of the forests, considered the lungs of the planet, have for the life in the same one. We defend the need of raising awareness before this problem, for the maintenance and preservation of one of our natural resources more valued.

Thus, accross of the recycling processes that we realize, we try to reduce the deforestation as far as possible, so we return to the cycle of the life already used materials.

Let’s work together for the maintenance of our forests.

International Day of Forests