Reasons to protect our Forests

Reasons to protect our Forests

March 21st marked International Forest Day, but at Chatarras Hernández we know that protecting our Forests is something that should be done everyday.

Here we give you just 4 of the reasons why we should take care of our Forests and Ecosystem.

The first reason is  that 300 million people depend on forests for survival. Therefore we owe it to ourselves to guard, protect and  correctly use forests.

The second reason is that forests absorb almost 30% of our CO2 emissions. Emissions that come from human activity and from certain companies and organisations.

The third reason is that the forests are home to more than 50% of all species of plants and animals.  In the last 100 years the extinction of animal species has multiplied be thousands due to deforestation and human activity.

The fourth and final reason is that forests are our pharmacy. Up to 70% of plants have anti-carcinogenic properties. A quarter of the main ingredients of all drugs used worldwide originate from the tropical forests.

At Chatarras Hernández we want to make everyone aware of the importance of our forests and trees in our future.

Reasons to protect our Forests