Mundial Water Day

Mundial Water Day

On 22nd is celebrated the Mundial Water´s Day and Chatarras Hernandez wants to demonstrate the importance of doing a responsible use for the consumption of this natural resource.

The aim to commemorate this day is to approaching the problems related with the water resources, because the water situation is even worse than energetics, since nowadays the volume of available water is lower than 50% of the one that existed at the beggining of Century XX.

One of the main problems are existing differences for his access between a few countries and others, being practically impossible the supply of some populations, causing serious socio-economic consequences for the same ones.

To this, we have to add that only 3% of water of the Earth is suitable for the consumption, being three of the four parts distributed between glaciers and big mountains, and the small remaining percentage is found in superficial and underground waters. In addition, the latter percentage, which is that of easier access for the people, is contaminated it increasingly, had to, largely, to the human activity.

Is obvious the need of raising awareness and care of this indispensable resource for the life and for it, from Chatarras Hernández, we take care of the environment trying to do our work of the most responsible and ecological way.

Mundial Water Day