Confederation of European Recycling Industries

Confederation of European Recycling Industries

From 25th to 30th of November is celebrate the European Week of Prevention of Residues, which priority aim is to promote the efficient waste management.

Spanish Association for the Recover of the Social and Solidary Economy (AERESS) and his collaborators they want to promote the reduction and reutilization of residues to guarantee the preservation of the natural resources, in order to guarantee the environment sustainability.

AERESS will return to start the campaign “To re-use more, to throw less” created for the social organizations orientated to reutilization and repair of “potentials” residues. The campain will develop in centers and shops of reutilizations in the whole European continent.

AERESS also will develop the campaign of awereness “In front of Climate Change, I re-use, and you? Calculate how much emissions you can avoid!” There will messure the quantity of CO2 that will stop to produce by those citizens who take second hand articles or who acquire second hand products in the shops of AERESS’ social entities.

From AERESS will start the project “Approach to the reutilization and prevention of residues”, to gather second hand books, clothes and toys, and to promote the re-use.

With these actions we pretend to demostrate how, across simply and daily acts, there is favored to decrease the residues, to re-use the products and to support the environment.

Confederation of European Recycling Industries