Aluminium & the lifecycle of the green metal.

Aluminium & the lifecycle of the green metal.

Aluminium has become known as the green metal because of its high durability and the possible retention of 100% of its quality during recycling. Its considerable resistance and low maintenance characteristics make it the preferred material in a Construction Industry that is constantly in search of new durable, ecological and resistant materials.


Aluminium is a safe material for human use, it dosen´t emit any toxins during its processing or use and neither does it corrode with time. It is an extremely light material that allows for low energy costs during its transportation therefore making CO2 emissions also low.

These are not the only advantages associated with Aluminium. Approximetly 75% of what has been produced in Aluminium since its beginning ( over 100 years) is still in use today. This means that there is a virtual store of Aluminium that is constantly being replenished, eg in Construction materials, beverage cans and car parts etc.

One ton of recycled aluminium saves approximately 4 tons of bauxite (from where it is extracted) and 95% of the energy needed to produce aluminium as a prime material. Simultaneously, this allows a saving of up to 9 tons of CO2 emissions.

Each year, thanks to the recycling of aluminium scrap, the emissions of green house gases are reduced by 80 million tons, which is equivalent to the elimination of 15 million cars from the world carpark!

Source: http://www.lachatarra.es/2011/03/reciclaje-de-aluminio

Aluminium & the lifecycle of the green metal.