Chatarras Hern锟斤拷ndez
Chatarras Hern锟斤拷ndez

Corporate Responsibility

In today's world, recycling has become a hot topic for both society and the economy. Environmental scientists have been warning us for decades that the Earth’s resources are running out too quickly and this is creating a state of imbalance that cannot continue. 
Recycling is the best way we can slow down the deterioration which we have subjected our planet to over the last century. The environmental benefits of recycling can be shown in many ways. It is clear that recycling and waste recovery greatly reduces the use of natural resources, but equally important, although less well-known, are the huge savings on energy and the spectacular reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.
Looking after our natural surroundings is something we should all be responsible for. It is of utmost importance that all society, from the creator of a product to the end user, becomes involved and takes part in the new “3 R” concept which has arisen due to the rapid increase in the amount of solid and urban waste being produced, and which has led society to consider different approaches for new solutions to the problem: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.
Our sector is directly involved in these processes of change. We are part of the solution and we have to be aware of the importance of our job.
At Chatarras Miguel Hernández we believe that our activity itself is part of our corporate responsibility policy. We participate actively in the creation of a more sustainable, more balanced world where better use is made of the resources nature provides us with. We understand that out commitment to society is based on our capacity to generate and distribute wealth via our activity as a company in the recycling sector.
Ethics, transparency, caring for the environment and safety are all fundamental in this field, as is our commitment to our clients, suppliers, the environment and society.

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